Orthopedic and Trauma Acute Unit receives Beacon Award for Excellence

5 Bedtower, the Orthopedic and Trauma Unit, has been awarded the Silver-level Beacon Award designation by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

5 Bedtower is the first acute unit at UNC Hospitals to receive this award, joining the SICU, CTICU, CICU and MPCU. Please congratulate our 5 Bedtower colleagues in this outstanding achievement.

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses created the Beacon designation to recognize individual units that have set a path to excellence in an effort to highlight units that distinguish themselves in every facet of patient care. Recognizing that there are different levels of excellence, Beacon designation is stratified into three rankings: gold, silver and bronze. Congratulations again to everyone on 5 Bedtower!

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