Support available after Oct. 1 transition to ICD-10

On Oct. 1, 2015, ICD-10 became the exclusive system used for coding diagnoses and procedures throughout the United States. Support is available to ensure this transition goes as smoothly as possible at UNC Health Care.

  • A UNC Health Care system-wide command center will be based out of Rex Healthcare and operate 24x7 for the first five business days following Oct. 1. The UNC Health Care command center will ensure support is triaged as necessary.
  • Each UNC Health Care affiliate will have a local support center on-site to triage and dispatch support as needed.
  • To get the quickest response for any issues you encounter after the transition to ICD-10, call the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357. When prompted, press “6” for ICD-10-related issues and you will be routed directly to the ICD-10 Command Center, who will triage your issue.

Due to the nature of the ICD-10 update and conversion process, there are several unknowns. Please be sure all scheduled batches, runs, and reports are working as expected the morning of Oct. 1. The Hospital Billing team will be checking to make sure that nightly processing occurred.

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