Multicultural Fair – Answer a Trivia Question for the Chance to Win a FreedomPay Card!

The 10th annual Multicultural Fair is fast-approaching. It’s not too late to participate! There’s still time to submit your exhibit application. The more exhibits we have, the more we all can learn about differences. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a $200 Visa gift card! And see who won last week's FreedomPay cards!

Participate in our Exhibit Contest for a chance to win a $200 Visa Gift Card. Click here for more information about the fair and to learn how to participate.

Don’t have any ideas? Feel free to use these topics for an exhibit:

  • Cultural Health Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Cultural Differences Regarding Healing and Medicine
  • Flag Symbolism for Countries – for States?
  • Head Attire from across Cultures – from Baseball Caps to Hijabs to Yarmulke to Wedding Veils
  • How Different Cultures Define Beauty
  • How our Elders are Treated in Different Cultures
  • Role of Religion in Providing Culturally Competent Care
  • Ways to get your Food – Farming, Hunting, Grocery Store, Co-Op
  • Wedding Traditions from Around the World

And to get everyone warmed up for the fair, for a chance to win a $6.25 FreedomPay card, answer a weekly Trivia Question to learn more about culture and our community.

We had a total of 56 employees answer Trivia Question #3 correctly, and the two random winners of a $6.25 FreedomPay card are Sandra Alston from Clinical Neurophysiology and Katherine Sabo from 5 Children's & Intermediate Care. They are the winners of a $6.25 FreedomPay Card. The answer to the question about the median annual incomes for Latina and Native American women, 25 years or older, who have earned graduate degrees is $50,000 and $40,000, respectively. 

To answer this week's question, click here. A winner will be announced next week, along with another trivia question. Good luck!

Each week we will have a new question with a new chance to win!

And for more information about the fair and how to participate, please visit our official Multicultural Fair website.

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