CAPP Meeting Patient List available in Epic@UNC Sept. 16

A new "My Patient" list will be available Sept. 16, 2015, in Epic@UNC to help support care team conversations before, during, and after daily Communication and Patient Planning (CAPP) meetings. CAPP meetings will be implemented across UNC Health Care; however, it is important to note that not all units and/or entities have implemented CAPP meetings yet.

As part of the larger Carolina Value initiative, CAPP meetings are daily, planning discussions with the care team of each patient’s progression of care. CAPP meetings implementation will continue to occur using a phased approach with a target completion of November.

Providers, nursing, case management department representatives and ancillary service providers can use this patient list to quickly monitor key milestones needed to help plan a patient’s discharge or transition. This new patient list not only serves as a tool for the entire care team, but it likewise allows the meeting facilitator to drive timely, targeted and milestone-focused CAPP meetings.

Accessing the Care Progression Patient List

For those units with CAPP meetings, users will need to create a CAPP list for their specific unit(s). This tip sheet (SharePoint link) outlines how to create a new list as well as information regarding where the data is documented in a patient’s chart. As new units begin their CAPP meetings, the Carolina Value Clinical Optimization Implementation Team will work with users to create their own CAPP meeting patient list.

Also note the following:

  • Inpatient nurses also may notice a new flowsheet row to help with CAPP meeting documentation. The new flowsheet row ‘Exp Critical Care Transfer Date’, is found in the DC Planning section of the Shift, Admission and Discharge Navigators. 
  • As Critical Care units begin CAPP meetings, they will be able to use this row to document the day they expect the patient to transition and/or step down to a lower level of care. Nurses may begin to use this new flowsheet row regardless of whether your unit has or has not implemented CAPP meetings yet. 
  • View details on documenting CAPP Meeting follow-up in this tip sheet (SharePoint link).
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