Reminder for Reimbursable Travel and Business Expenses

UNC Health Care recognizes that certain job functions require employees to pay for travel or business expenses upfront. This is a reminder that all reimbursement requests should be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. Please ensure expenses submitted for reimbursement are accompanied by itemized receipts and documented business purpose.

The UNC Health Care Internal Audit Department is scheduled to perform an audit of travel and business expenses in fiscal year 2016. Expenses will be reviewed to validate business purposes and assess sufficiency of receipts. See the table below for examples of sufficient and insufficient receipts.

Expense Examples

Sufficient Receipts

Insufficient Receipts

Hotel Stay

Hotel Invoices received at end of stay with final price

Confirmation of your hotel reservation  with price


Itemized receipt with list of items purchased at dinner with tip (if applicable) AND credit card receipt (if applicable)

Credit card receipt that does not list items purchased at dinner

Books, Department materials, etc

Itemized receipt of payment

Order Summary

Conference Registration Fee

Itemized payment receipts


Note: If paying for more than yourself, you must document the employees you are paying for.

  • Conference Flyer
  • Non-itemized receipt


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