“U:” drive available for UNC Medical Center employees beginning Sept. 15

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, ISD will activate a new “U:” or “Universal” network drive for each employee at UNC Medical Center. You will be able to store files in the U: drive and access them from your PC or from any location via Citrix. Files stored on the U: drive are also regularly backed up, thereby protecting them in case of a computer hardware failure.

“U:” network drive FAQs

  • Where can I find the “U:” drive?
    The new U: drive will be available in the “Computer” section of your PC (see screenshot below). 

  • Who will get this new “U:” Drive?
    Anyone who logs into “UNCH” (as pictured below).


  • Do I have to do anything? Am I required to use this new drive?
    No, Use of the new U: drive is strictly voluntary and will have no impact on existing workflows. However, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to protect locally stored data on your PC (e.g. “My Documents”) by moving it to your new U: Drive.

  • Does this new U: drive have any impact on existing shared drives I use?
    No. Employees who have used shared drives in the past will see the new U: drive alongside their current drives (either NASR200 drives, Rex drives, or shared drives). You can continue to use your existing network drives at this time, but going forward everyone will be encouraged to use the new U: drive. Note that users with pre-existing Home drives will now have 2 Home directories until a migration strategy can be implemented.
  • What is a home directory (u:\home)?
    U:\home is your personal, secured file location where you can save business/professional files.
  • Can other employees access my U:\home drive?
    No other users will be able to access your U:\home drive. 
  • How much space do I have available in my U:\home drive?
    The default allocated U:\home drive space is 2 Gigabytes per person. 
  • Why should I use the U:\home drive? 
    Using the new network home drive will ensure that files are backed up, thereby protecting them from a computer hardware failure. Files you store on your U: drive can also be accessed off-site via Citrix.
  • What if I’m already using the letter U to map to another network drive? 
    All corporate-wide-mappings using the letter "U" were moved in the fall of 2014. If, however, you have any manual mappings using the letter U (this should be very rare), you must remap them using another available drive letter. Please contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 if you need assistance with mapping.
  • Does this affect SharePoint in any way? 
    No, SharePoint will continue to be used in its current capacity. Files stored in SharePoint are not accessible via the U: drive or vice versa. 
  • Who can I call with any other questions/concerns?
    Contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 if you have any other questions/concerns or if you experience any issues when the new U: drive is created on Tuesday, Sept. 15.
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