Expansion of 4 Oncology begins Friday, April 22

4 Oncology will expand from its current footprint of 34 beds to 53 beds over the next month and a half.

The new room numbers will be 4801-4853. The expansion will be done incrementally and as follows:

  • On Friday, April 22, the following beds will be closed for preventive maintenance:  
    • 4801-4816
    • 4835
    • 4841
    • 4845
  • This will leave 4 Oncology at its current 34-bed occupancy.
  • On Monday, May 2, 4 Oncology will expand to 50-bed capacity, while construction is completed on the remaining three rooms (4835, 4841 and 4845).
  • We anticipate the last three rooms to be completed by the end of May. Once those rooms have been completed and certified by DHSR, we hope to have them ready for occupancy in early June.
  • Please feel free to contact nurse managers Summer Cheek or Crista Creedle at 984-974-8408 with any questions.
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