Code Sepsis team recognizes the latest 'Sepsis Stars'

The Code Sepsis team is grateful to the latest 'Sepsis Stars,' who were instrumental in delivering the sepsis bundle to patients in their care. Please see which of your colleagues are Sepsis Stars.

Research has proven that patient outcomes are improved when the sepsis care bundle is delivered within 60 minutes. The sepsis initiative is working to improve timely recognition of potential sepsis and implement the entire care bundle including a lactic acid, blood cultures, IV antibiotics, and IV fluids.

The following individuals are recognized for participating in a fantastic Sepsis Simulation on 8 Bed Tower on Aug. 4:

  • From 8BT:
    • Orna Kafri, RN
    • Doris Lofton, RN
    • Annalisa Hernandez, RN
  • From ARRT:
    • Barry Warren, RN
    • Kristen Martin, RN
  • From Family Medicine:
    • Caroline Mullin, MD, PGY-3
    • Christine Beran, MD, psych resident on FAM rotation
    • Samantha Eksir, MD, visiting resident from Duke
    • Liza St. Raub, MD
    • Brian Rayala, MD
    • Tim Daaleman, MD, attending
  • From pharmacy:
    • Jessica Mangun, Pharm. D.
  • From Nursing Quality Council:
    • Krishnammal Venugopal Pillai, RN, 7BT 
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