Pedestrian safety alert message from UNC Police Chief Jeff McCracken

Please read this important message about pedestrian safety from UNC Police Chief Jeff McCracken.

It has come to the attention of campus motorists and UNC Police Officers that more and more pedestrians are crossing the particularly busy sections of campus roadways outside of marked crosswalks. These areas include Manning Drive (between the Craige Parking Deck and ITS Building), South Columbia Street, and along South Road. These mid-block crossings can create a danger to motorists and to the pedestrians themselves. In fact, there have been several recent incidents where pedestrians were nearly hit by vehicles.

UNC Police regularly conduct speed checks on motor vehicle travel in these areas in the interest of pedestrian safety, but that safety is a two-way street, depending on situational-awareness of those crossing these busy roadways. This becomes even more important as the 2016/2017 academic year begins this month, the campus population swells, and traffic becomes heavier.

Over the next few weeks, UNC Police will be placing signs as reminders in conjunction NC DOT’s Watch4MeNC program and will be providing verbal warnings. If necessary, citations in the amount of $213 (including court costs) will be issued to those who impede traffic by crossing roadways outside of designated crosswalks or by crossing against a crosswalk signal.

Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility: please help us create a safe environment for both pedestrians and motorists at UNC.

Thank You for Your Cooperation,

Chief Jeff B. McCracken
UNC Police