My Reason for Quitting

Erin Barringer, a nursing assistant in the Neurosciences Hospital, began smoking socially in 10th grade. Although she quit when she was pregnant with her daughter, Jalliyah, she picked it back up after she was done breastfeeding. Today, thanks to her daughter, her perseverance, and the Tobacco Free Tar Heel Program, she's tobacco free.

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Erin Barringer, a nursing assistant in the Neurosciences Hospital, began smoking socially in 10th grade, and over the years she increased her smoking to one-half pack of cigarettes a day. She continued at this level until 2010 when she found out she was pregnant. She remained tobacco free through her pregnancy and breastfeeding until her daughter, Jalliyah, was about 6 months old. At that time, she returned to smoking socially -- and also did so to help deal with stress.  

When Jalliyah was old enough to be aware of Erin’s smoking, she told her mother that she didn’t like it and made her promise to quit. Erin agreed, but wasn’t sure how to go about it until one day she saw Laurel Sisler from the Nicotine Dependence Program visiting inpatients on her floor. Erin asked if there was a program to help employees quit smoking and Laurel told her about the Tobacco Free Tar Heels Program (TFTH).

Erin made the connection with Barbara Silver, the TFTH Program Manager. They met and discussed Erin’s reasons for smoking and the challenges to quitting. Erin felt that smoking made her feel more included in social situations and that it also helped to relieve come of the stress she experienced as a single, working mother. She and Barbara also envisioned some of the positive changes of being tobacco free, like breathing and sleeping better, beginning to run again and having more money in her pocket. For Erin, the motivators to quit far outweighed the reasons to continue smoking.

When they discussed the medications Erin might want to use for support, she opted for Bupropion (Wellbutrin), believing that it would diminish the cravings for a cigarette and also help balance out her mood in dealing with stress. Erin has proudly been tobacco free since December 2015. She is sleeping and breathing better, feeling in a better mood and happy she has been able to keep her promise to Jalliyah. She credits the TFTH Program for providing the support and free medications that made it easier for her to attain success. 

If you are a health care employee or a dependent who is interested in quitting tobacco – smoking, chewing, dipping or vaping – please contact Barbara Silver to enroll for 12 weeks of FREE medication and support. Ask Erin. You’ll be glad you did.

To contact Barbara Silver, email or call 984-974-8455.

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