State Health Plan update: December paychecks to include health election deductions/Health Benefit Special Pay

Please carefully review your December paychecks, which will be distributed Dec. 14 and Dec. 28, to make sure your health deductions and/or Health Benefit Special Pay (HBSP) have been correctly applied. HBSP should be applied for UNC Medical Center employees who enrolled in the CDHP, 80/20 Plan, or the 70/30 Plan and completed the appropriate credit activities.

New State Health Plan policies limit the amount of time employees have to notice/challenge whether a deduction is correct. If there are legitimate problems with the health plan selections, they must be realized, reported to Employee Benefits with back-up documentation, and submitted to the State Health Plan for appeal before Jan. 27, 2017. 

Additionally, your NCFlex deductions should be applied beginning in January 2017, so please look closely for any NCFlex deduction errors in your January paychecks. We will send reminder messages in Employee News Online in December and January.

If you have questions about the enrollment period or these deductions, please contact Employee Benefits at 984-974-1040 or