UNC Hospitals' family-centered caesarean program mentioned in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently covered hospitals that are "adopting ‘gentle’ procedures for caesarean sections to make those deliveries more like natural birth." UNC Hospitals was among those mentioned.

Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal piece A C-Section Designed for Mother-Baby Bonding:

UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, N.C., credits a patient, Tabitha Dawes, with instigating the health-care system’s family-centered caesarean program. Pregnant with her fourth child, Ms. Dawes had already had three medically necessary C-sections. She says she badly wanted to watch her fourth child, whom she knew would be her last, being born. Hospital staff were receptive, and learned their drape supplier was just doing a first, sample run of clear drapes in response to growing demand.

“I truly felt I hadn’t missed out on anything,” says Ms. Dawes, whose baby, Bailey, was born in July. “They’d lowered the lights because I asked them to. My playlist was in the background. I had a birth photographer in there because I wanted every moment captured.”

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