New ‘Value Care’ patient banner in Epic@UNC

Beginning Wednesday July 27, 2016, employees and providers will begin to see a banner notification in Epic@UNC identifying ‘Value Care’ patients that UNC Health Care has contracts to manage the quality and cost of care for as part of our growing Population Health efforts.

The purpose of this banner is to identify these patients, notifying providers, clinic staff, schedulers, and care managers that these patients may have a care plan established that needs review, needs priority access to appointments, has a case manager assigned to coordinate and partner with the patient to manage their care, or promote enhanced communication among the patients' care team member. See a tip sheet with screenshots of these changes at these Intranet links: Cadence (Scheduling & Registration), ASAP (Emergency Department), or ClinDoc (Inpatient).

As of May 2016, UNC Health Care has approximately 20,000 Value Care patients. We anticipate that this number will grow rapidly in the coming years.

In addition to identifying Value Care patients, the new banner also provides a link to the patient’s Longitudinal Plan of Care (LPOC) in Epic@UNC. The LPOC includes information about the program(s) the patient is enrolled in, the name of the patient’s Care Manager, patient goals, recent follow-up and outreach activity, medications, allergies, and relevant medical problems. Initially, this banner will appear in the ASAP (Emergency Department), Ambulatory, ClinDoc (Inpatient), and Cadence (Scheduling & Registration) modules of Epic@UNC. However, it will likely become available across more modules in the future.

This change was vetted and approved by UNC Health Care’s Ambulatory, Care Access, and Clinical Care Management workgroups. Thank you for your support as we take this first step to identify our Value Care patients in Epic@UNC.

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