Front Desk, Schedulers: Cadence Auto-Search change Aug. 2

Starting Tuesday, Aug. 2, the auto-search function in Cadence will search for appointments 60 days in the future (vs. 30 days).

Note: This change only applies for departments that are using the auto-search function.

Prior to Aug. 2, 2016, the auto-search function searches 30 days in the future. If no appointment solutions are found within the 30-day search, schedulers must manually update the “Start Search Date” to continue searching beyond the 30 days.

To reduce the need for this manual date advance, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 2, the auto-search function will search 60 days in the future.


This update is based on recommendations from the Carolina Value Care Access Solution Team. Note two other changes coming Aug 2, 2016:

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