Hillsborough Hospital: one year of milestones and community outreach

July 2016 marks a milestone for UNC Health Care’s Hillsborough Campus. One year ago, with an incredible amount of hard work, determination, and collaboration, the new Hillsborough Hospital opened. The achievement was no small feat, and thanks to the dedication of so many of you, especially those working in Hillsborough, we have served thousands of patients who otherwise would have had to travel longer distances to receive care – and while doing so we have successfully become part of the Hillsborough community.

Our milestones - by the numbers

Last July, we began rolling out services at the Hillsborough Hospital. We started with the Emergency Department and followed with outpatient surgery services and inpatient services. Since the full slate of services became available to patients, the hospital has ensured better accessibility for those who require care outside of UNC Hospitals and its Chapel Hill clinics. Instead of traveling to Chapel Hill, countless patients from around North Carolina have had easy access to exceptional health care and facilities conveniently located off Interstates 40 and 85. The combination of a full range of services and a convenient location has led to a very busy – and successful – first year. Check out the infographic on this page for our milestones "by the numbers."

Becoming part of the community

Opening a new medical facility is no small feat. It requires collaboration among many different parties, including those outside of the organization. When Hillsborough was selected as the location of our new facility we understood that becoming part of the community would be critical to making the effort a success. In the past year, your colleagues at the Hillsborough Hospital have engaged with the local community in myriad ways. They have raised significant money for Habitat for Humanity, hosted more than 100 classes and meetings for the Hillsborough community, participated in the annual holiday home tour, and launched a local chapter of Girls on the Run, among many other outreach efforts. 

Last month, the Hillsborough Campus became the official host of the Hillsborough Farmers MarketAnd take a look at the infographic on this page for a list of efforts made/local groups assisted by the hospital and its employees.

The hospital from the community perspective

Tom Stevens is currently serving his fifth term as Hillsborough’s mayor. He has been a resident of the community for nearly two decades. Last year he shared five reasons that the Hillsborough Hospital would be a great asset to the community. This year he shares five reasons why Hillsborough Hospital has already proven to be asset to the community.

What do our patients say?

In Press Ganey and HCAHPS databases, patient satisfaction scores are strong for the Emergency Department, Perioperative Services, and Inpatient Services. Our patients have said: 

  • “Everything about it was just beautiful. The amenities, including the patient rooms, the waiting rooms, even the televisions – everything was so shiny and new. It was important for me to feel like I was in a state-of-the-art facility and for my family to be able to come and support me. My kids and grandkids loved the easy access and all the touches.”
  • "Dr. Olcott’s knowledge and demeanor from the time I met him were first class and all the nurses and staff were fantastic. They constantly asked how I was feeling and if I had any questions – there was lots of communication. I was totally impressed with how everyone got along – they were a great team.”
  • “That night I knew that it would be quicker for us to get to Hillsborough and that the care would be just as good. It’s more convenient for me.”
  • "They evaluated me quickly, took great care of me, and sent me on for more immediate care. I was in good hands.”
  • “She told us they’d opened on Monday, so we turned around, went to the Hillsborough ED, and within minutes we were receiving care.”
  • “The best experience I’ve ever had in a hospital was here. The people who treated me were great and so friendly and had extremely good bedside manner – better than anywhere else I’ve ever been. The rooms here are more like a hotel than a hospital.” 
  • “You couldn’t ask for better treatment.” 

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