Inpatient RNs: Cosmetic changes, workflow updates coming July 11 for 'Print Label' and 'Lab Collection' functionality

Inpatient nurses will notice several changes to the layout and workflow of the 'Print Label' window and 'Lab Collection' window beginning Monday, July 11.

Note: This change was originally scheduled for July 9 but it had to be moved until 7 p.m. Monday, July 11. 
  • Print Label window updates:
    The ‘Print Label’ window will organize print tasks by specimen type using a new ‘card’ view. Each card will contain all labels for a given specimen type. This will allow you to print labels for blood cultures along with urine specimens and other blood tests at the same time.
  • Collection window updates:
    • The new Collection Window will feature the same ‘card’ organization as the ‘Print Label’ window.
    • You will see different warnings and additional verifications will be required when specimen labels are not scanned (to verify the override).
    • If a specimen requires more than one tube or container, you will be required to scan each container. This will most likely occur with blood cultures. Each label is coded with a different barcode and all must be scanned to fulfill the requirements for that specimen.