New System Travel and Reimbursement Policy Effective July 1

UNC Health Care is adopting a system Employee Travel and Reimbursement Policy for owned entities (UNC Medical Center, UNC REX, High Point Regional, Caldwell Memorial, UNC Physicians Network) effective July 1. Managed entities may elect to adopt the policy.

The new Employee Travel and Reimbursement Policy (Intranet link) creates a uniform and consistent approach to timely travel and reimbursement across UNC Health Care, and ensures that authorized expenses and the process for reimbursement is clear. The most significant changes at UNC Medical Center are meal and parking reimbursement, which will move from a per diem model to receipt reimbursement, and the inclusion of guidance on physician and professional expense reimbursement. The biggest change for the network entities is the inclusion of more detailed guidance overall. Much of this has been in place but was not necessarily specified in a policy. If you have any questions, please contact your local reimbursement contact or Peizhu Liu at