Update to Meaningful Use (MU) Navigator Checklist

The MU checklist in the Visit Navigator is being updated to reflect the current CMS modified stage two measures. Retired measure that are no longer a requirement for MU compliance are being removed. This change will not impact workflow.

MU is still a requirement from CMS for the 2016 calendar year, and there are two measures that need attention across UNC Health Care locations using Epic@UNC:

  • Medication Reconciliation:
    This requires “Mark as Reviewed” to be clicked in the Medication List while the encounter is still open. Review this file for details on reviewing and updating a patients medication list.
  • Electronic Summary of Care:
    This requires referral orders be filled out properly. A critical field that impacts this measure is including the 'Referred To' provider. Review this file for details on properly creating a referral order to meet this measure.

If you have any questions regarding this change, contact the Practice Quality and Innovation Team at .