Congrats to our Summer 2016 Plus People

Congratulations to our Summer 2016 Plus People. These 16 employees were recognized for being among the very best at UNC Medical Center this Summer.

Becky Berbert

Becky Berbert, HCS Application Analyst Sr., ISD
The Epic Beaker Lab implementation has had a tremendous scope and aggressive timelines, yet Becky, who some call the “backbone” of the Beaker team, always manages a positive attitude. She is the team member who other application teams, lab leadership and end users feel comfortable reaching out to with questions, as they know she will make the time to find an answer for them. Becky is focused on the best interest of the patient and the customer. She has gone above and beyond to ensure that the Beaker application will meet the needs of end users. During the Epic Beaker Phase 1 Go-Live, she was often in the command center well beyond the scheduled 12-hour shifts because she wanted pressing issues reported by users resolved in a timely fashion. One of the lab leaders once shared that she has come to be known as the “fixer” in their department.


Amithyst Castro

Amithyst Castro, Administrative Associate in Surgical Support Services
Amithyst is the person responsible for processing all the patient charges from all the surgeries at UNC Hospitals, ASC, the Children’s Hospital, Main Operating Room and Hillsborough Hospitals. There are complex rules that dictate how these charges are reconciled -- Amithyst takes these rules seriously, does not stray from them, and processes them with a high degree of accuracy and timeliness. Amithyst’s strict adherence to these charge rules has a significant and positive impact on PeriOp Divisions and health care system finances. She also worked with her peers to teach them how to be effective with their Epic Optime patient charges -- she didn’t give them a fish, she taught them how to fish. 


Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison, CNII on the Children’s Short Stay Unit
Jennifer’s infectious, positive attitude boosts her coworkers’ spirits on even the busiest, most stressful days. A huge Carolina Panthers fan, Jennifer brought Krispy Kreme football doughnuts to the unit every Monday following a Panthers win -- even on her day off. She goes out of her way to help her colleagues and always puts patient and family needs first. She truly embodies the principles of family-centered care by involving her patients’ parents in all aspects of the child’s stay. She makes every effort to ensure a pleasant stay for patients and parents. Recently, she joined the Children’s Shared Governance Council and was active in goal planning for the group. With her experience in both inpatient and ambulatory settings, Jennifer provides a global perspective on the function of the Children’s Short Stay Unit.

 Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes, Learning Designer in Outpatient Care Services Training & Development
Matt’s knowledge of Epic best practices comes from his prior experience as an Epic consultant. He has taken the lead on a very important project this year to help Outpatient Clinic Providers become more efficient at using Epic. Matt has visited more than 50 Providers and has received praise from so many of them for teaching them Epic best practices and for organizing small group sessions before or after clinic. This effort teaches Providers greater fluency with Epic and allows them to spend more time with their patients and families – which they value most.


Not pictured.

Debra Johnson, Senior Medical Coder in Health Information Management
Debra always goes out of her way to ensure her team is happy and healthy. Several team members have stated they felt ‘fortunate’  and ‘blessed’ to have her as part of the team because she is extremely cooperative, consistently mindful of others feelings, and values her team members’ input. She’s in touch with the needs of the section and team members, which has allowed the department to consistently meet goals such as DNB, turnaround time and coding days. Debra unfailingly puts others before herself, going above and beyond by volunteering every Friday to complete outstanding accounts for her teammates to allow them to utilize their flex time. 

Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones, Medical Lab Specialist in the Microbiology Lab
The Microbiology Lab’s successful Beaker implementation is thanks in large part to individuals like Melissa, who contributed countless hours to the project.  Beginning long ago, when Beaker was just a concept, Melissa worked from home, on weekends and well into the evenings. But she provided more than just labor: she used her extensive technical knowledge. She collaborated with the Beaker Build Team and with our colleagues at our partner entities to integrate the different approaches and needs of the various microbiology labs. She provided constant updates on progress to supervisors and directors and was always there to provide guidance and support to her coworkers. Melissa’s unwaveringly positive demeanor provided a sense of calm through many stressful weeks of uncertainty. 

Suzanne Lawrence

Suzanne Lawrence, CNIII on 6 Women’s
As a longtime nurse on 6 Women’s, Suzy has adapted seamlessly to changes in the patient population and in nursing care. She has an immeasurable amount of knowledge and is a resource for nurses and doctors. She sees the whole picture when caring for patients, which allows her to care holistically for them. She is often the first to think of ways to improve the patient’s care -- whether altering skin care or ensuring a smooth hospital-to-home transition. An Oncology Certified Nurse, Suzy participates in quality improvement projects as a member of both the Nursing Performance Improvement Committee and the Skin Committee. 

Katie Moore

Katie Moore, CNII on 5 BedTower
Katie values teamwork and is an active leader on her unit. She is collaborative and competent, winning the respect of the entire multidisciplinary team. As a charge nurse, she provides assistance and support to all her team members. She also leads her unit’s shared governance committee and has engaged many newer staff members to become involved in this group. As chair of the group she is leading an initiative to develop a unit orientation video that will be shown to our newly admitted patients. Katie values clinical excellence and understands that learning and improving is a never-ending journey.

Erica Morales

Erica Morales, Administrative Associate in Patient Relations
Erica prioritizes the needs of all our customers – both internal and external. These customers often share how much they enjoy and value working with her. She consistently completes and engages the department in the Safety Coordinator activities even when no one is itching to participate. Her enthusiasm helps everyone realize the importance of making sometimes undesirable tasks fun. Erica has been an integral part of the department’s Purple Belt project. She has great ideas and offers a perspective that considers the impact on others as well as how the team will be affected. She knows how to offer just the right amount of kindness -- and sometimes firmness -- when customers need it.

Jessica Reid

Jessica Reid, nurse in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Jessica is a wonderful team member at the CRC. Her warmth and dedication to patient care help make the clinic a better place to work. Jessica puts the needs of others above her own on a consistent basis, and ensures that the CRC team is functioning as a cohesive unit. She is a very skilled nurse and is able to help the clinic flow more efficiently because of her willingness to jump into a variety of clinical situations. 

Katherine Shiveler

Katherine Shiveler, Senior Internal Auditor in Audit, Compliance, and Privacy
Katherine exhibits enthusiasm with every task she performs.  She assists her coworkers with audit tools and technology with an easy and respectful manner and repeatedly receives positive feedback on customer surveys at the conclusion of audits. She has a unique ability to communicate effectively with customers, especially when the audit results require significant improvements. She is a go-to person not only for the financial auditors, but also for the compliance and privacy functions in the department. Katherine has assisted in spearheading the selection of an auditing data access tool called ‘Idea’ for the department. She has diligently worked with the ‘Idea’ support team to provide solutions to co-workers using the tool, has organized training for our Department, and often assists others. 

Sherito Smith

Sherito Smith, administrative specialist in the Main OR
Sherito is responsible for communication across the PeriOperative Departments, which if not done with consistency, can lead to confusion. Thanks to Sherito, rooms, CPD, team coordinators, and others receive reliable, clear information that leads to better care for our patients. Sherito takes a proactive interest in her own professional growth and became a member of the Administrative Professional’s Committee for the 2014/2015 year. This year she was elected Co-Chair of the APC and was eventually promoted to Chair. Meanwhile, Sherito is pursuing a BS in Healthcare Administration and will graduate in October 2016. She completed her yellow belt, and is an invaluable resource to her department because of her vast knowledge of OR scheduling and the OR control desk, as well as her ability to think “outside the box.” 

Leonora Tisdale

Leonora Tisdale, nurse on the Medicine Progressive Care Unit
Leonora’s caring spirit and skillful communication enable her to quickly connect with her patients on the MPCU and be a courageous advocate for their needs and well-being. As charge nurse she ensures everyone has the resources and support they need to effectively care for their patients that day. She is quick to recognize the hard work of others and provides encouragement and high-fives for her teammates regularly. She is also an integral member and co-chair of the MPCU Infection Control team. She was a strong unit champion for our foley catheter-related UTI reduction pilot and is currently helping lead an initiative to reduce CLABSI (Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection).

Mandy Waters

Mandy Waters, CNII on the Dialysis Unit
The hallmarks of Mandy’s patient care are compassion and dedication – patients like her so much that they always remember her, no matter what challenges they may have. With her positive demeanor and cheerfulness, she creates a pleasant environment for her patients and the team even in the most stressful situations. Whether picking up an extra shift -- day or night -- with minimal notice, or committing herself to care for complex patients, her colleagues know they can rely on her. Her stalwart commitment to quality patient care led her to volunteer to care for Ebola patients, if necessary. 

Alice Wells

Alice Wells, Administrative Specialist in the Service Response Center
If asked, any one of 300-plus employees from EVS, Guest Services, Patient Transport, and the SRC will tell you that Alice is the backbone of the SRC and, in many ways, of the four combined departments. She is the go-to person for so many people – and has been so for many years . . .  29 to be exact. She takes especially great care of frontline team members, keeping management informed of important issues. She looks out in personal ways for employees of the department as well. She drives one of our housekeepers and one of her SRC colleagues to work every morning. When she hears of an employee who is having personal difficulties, she looks for internal and external resources to help them.

Rhonda Whitaker

Rhonda Whitaker, CNIV, Inpatient Psychiatry, Wakebrook Inpatient Unit
Rhonda gets to know staff professionally and personally, develops productive relationships with everyone she encounters, and goes above and beyond by regularly precepting new staff during her administrative and clinical time. She seeks out growth opportunities to expand and refine her practice. She applied for and was accepted into the Nurse Leader Fellowship Program, is an active member of the Psychiatric Clinical Practice Group, and completes competencies for the yearly Skills Fair. Earlier this year, she took over the role as Psychiatry Representative on the Nurse Practice Advancement Committee. And let me share an anecdote about the thoughtful and passionate patient care she provides: recently she worked with the team on a care plan for an autistic patient who had a special interest in construction toys. She helped develop a plan around the toys that encouraged the development of coping skills without over-utilizing or monopolizing staff in the administration of the plan. 

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