Code Sepsis team recognizes Sepsis Stars

The Code Sepsis team is very grateful to February's 'Sepsis Stars' for striving to improve patient care through their participation in UNC Medical Center's sepsis initiative. Please see which of your colleagues are Sepsis Stars.

Code Sepsis team recognizes Sepsis Stars click to enlarge Code Sepsis

The sepsis initiative is working to improve timely recognition of potential sepsis and implement the entire care bundle including a lactic acid, blood cultures, IV antibiotics, and IV fluids. 


  • Janice Galloway, Adult Rapid Response Team--for promptly implementing the bundle and continuing to educate her colleagues
  • Tiandra Murchison, 3WST--for facilitating a mock code sepsis in conjunction with the sepsis team
  • Children's Short Stay Unit--for recognizing sepsis and escalating care appropriately


  • Bob Rayson--for using the adult IP sepsis bundle order set
  • Robert Sackman--for using the adult ED sepsis order set
  • Adriana Cline--for using the Peds ED sepsis order set
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