New Schedule Orders Workqueue Removal Reason

Beginning Tuesday, March 1, there is a new Schedule Orders Workqueue removal reason of “Scheduling Error- Order not Linked, Appointment Completed.”

This new reason should only be used in those instances where an appointment was scheduled and completed, but the Order was never linked.

  • Schedulers should ALWAYS check for an Order/Referral and schedule from the Order.
  • If the appointment was not scheduled from the order, manually link the order by right clicking and selecting “Link Order.” This cannot be done after End of Day Processing has completed. Click Here for tip sheet.
  • After End of Day Processing has run, the system will not allow manual linkage of the Order. Use the new Removal Reason “Scheduling Error-Order Not Linked-Appointment Completed” to remove the order/referral from the Workqueue.

Click here to view an updated Tip Sheet that covers removing Items from a Schedule Order Workqueue.

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