Dysphagia Diet Order Naming Change at UNC Medical Center, Chatham Hospital

Effective Wednesday, May 18, 8 a.m. the Epic@UNC titles for Texture Modified Diet Orders at UNC Medical Center and Chatham Hospital will be renamed. The new diet orders will be recognized as the following and correspond to the following textures: Dysphagia 1 (Puree); Dysphagia 2 (Ground); and Dysphagia 3 (Soft).

Note that this change only affects UNC Medical Center and Chatham Hospital.

The ‘crosswalk’ from the old/new names is:

Old NameNew Name (as of May 18, 2016)
Pureed Puree (Dysphagia 1)
N/A Ground (Dysphagia 2)
Mechanical Soft Soft (Dysphagia 3)