Introducing SharePoint 2013 Collaboration Workspaces and MySites

ISD is pleased to announce the launch of the SharePoint 2013 Collaboration Workspaces and MySites for all UNC Health Care entities. In an effort to enhance collaboration across UNC Health Care, ISD is centralizing services on a single platform. This new interactive platform will allow real-time document and project sharing with colleagues at individual entities and across the system. (Please note: Access to the Sharepoint platform and links in this communication will only work through the Internet Explorer browser.)

Collaboration Workspaces

Collaboration Workspaces are for team collaboration. There are three different workspace templates teams can choose from. These templates are designed for teams to quickly create a workspace when you have multiple people working on the same project, meeting or team goal.  

  • Project Workspace 
  • Meeting Workspace 
  • Team Workspaces 

To request a collaboration workspace, go to Two site owners are required for each workspace and both site owners will be required to attend a specialized site owner training. Online training resources are available for all employees at the SharePoint Help and How Tos site. 


My Sites are personal sites for individual users to communicate, share work and collaborate with their colleagues in a more timely and efficient manner. 

  • Share what you’re working on with other colleagues 
  • Access your documents from anywhere via MySites OneDrive feature 
  • Follow documents, sites and conversations via MySite Newsfeeds  
  • Connect with other colleagues by personalizing your profile

Online training resources are available for all employees at the SharePoint Help and How Tos site.

To set up your MySite, go to go to: there, the site will automatically set up your account and provide you with a personal workspace on the Sharepoint site. After the site is created, you will receive an email indicating your site is ready for use (this process could take upwards of a minute).


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