What ISD will not ask you in an email

Be careful when responding to email messages that appear to be from ISD. Thieves and hackers may sometimes send such emails asking you to "confirm," "verify" or "update" sensitive information. Learn more about how to protect yourself from such fraudulent messages.

Thieves or hackers send official-looking email messages that may direct you to click on a link which redirects you to a fraudulent website or pop-up window where you may be asked to "confirm," "verify," "update" or otherwise provide sensitive information (such as your username, password, account number, or social security number). Sometimes these email messages will falsely say that your account or access will be shut down if you do not act quickly. Do not be intimidated by these threats of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). The links, sites, and pop-up windows may look like ours, but they are not. Clicking a link in one of the emails can expose your computer to viruses or spyware or compromise your account even if you do not supply the sensitive information thieves want. We will never send you an email that asks you to verify your username, email account, password, PIN, or social security number. If you receive this type of request, it is probably fraudulent.

Technology is not enough to keep you safe; it is up to you to protect sensitive information and to keep your credentials confidential.

If you have any doubts about whether an email from us is authentic, do not reply to it, open any attachment or use the link in the email. If you are uncertain, please contact the UNC Health Care Service Desk at 984-974-4357.

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