Clean In, Clean Out featured in GOJO video

Emily Sickbert-Bennett, PhD, associate director of Hospital Epidemiology at UNC Hospitals, and Brooke McLaughlin, CNIV, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at UNC Hospitals, recently talked with GOJO Industries, Inc., the maker of Purell, about the success of Clean In, Clean Out, UNC Hospitals' hand hygiene program. The video is part of The IP Monthly Minute, GOJO's newsletter for infection preventionists from hospitals across the United States. Last month, GOJO featured Didier Pittet, of the World Health Organization.

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Does moving from good to great hand hygiene compliance program yield better results in terms of healthcare-associated infection reduction? Emily Sickbert-Bennet discusses the 17 month hand hygiene project and analysis she conducted at UNC Hospitals that sought to answer this very question. Find out how their efforts resulted in fewer infections, fewer deaths, and a savings of $5 million.

Watch the full video.

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