Waiting game: A Buncombe County man's path to an organ transplant

WLOS ABC 13 in Asheville, North Carolina, followed Bryan Parker, 30, for months as he waited for a double-lung transplant. Bryan's surgery took place here at UNC Hospitals in September. Dr. Benjamin Haithcock and Dr. Jason Long of the UNC Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery were his surgeons. "Now, I can inhale, get a good breath in, and just fully inhale and exhale and that's a great feeling," Bryan says. Watch and read the full story from WLOS.

BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. -- Every ten minutes, a patient is added to the organ transplant waiting list. When a Buncombe County man landed on the list, it was the start of a long journey.

News 13 followed Bryan Parker, 30, for months as he waited for a double lung transplant.

At a time when so many people are moving to Asheville because of what the city offers, Parker needs the one thing his hometown can't give him: Time.

To get time, Parker has to move to Chapel Hill. He was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that progressively attacking his organs, mainly the lungs.

News 13 met Bryan in July. At that time, he was breathing through a compressor. Without it, Bryan has just five minutes to live.

"I'm sick for sure, but I try to stay positive about it," he said.

His mom Shirley moved him east one car load at a time. Shirley plans for everything. If UNC's Hospital calls, a 15-minute timer begins. In that time, they have to confirm they're on the way to the hospital.

Watch and read the full story.

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