Go-Live #6 FAQs

Review the 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs) below related to Epic@UNC Go-Live #6.

What is happening?

In the early morning hours of July 22, 2017, all locations using Epic@UNC across UNC Health Care will see a number of Epic@UNC updates aimed at improving the experience and efficiency of our providers, staff, and patients.

The update, which we’re calling ‘Go-Live #6,’ includes an upgrade to the 2017 version of Epic’s software and a number of features we’re implementing based on user feedback and requests.

Where is Go-Live #6 happening?

At all hospitals and clinics using Epic@UNC (seven hospitals and >650 clinics).

When is Go-Live #6?

The morning of Saturday, July 22. When the exact time is finalized it will be shared widely.

Will there be an Epic@UNC downtime associated with Go-Live #6?

Yes. We expect that there will be an Epic@UNC downtime and advise units to plan accordingly (as they would for any other planned downtime). We will share downtime details widely once they are confirmed.

What new features are included in Go-Live #6?

Teams in ISD are finalizing the features that will be included in Go-Live #6 and we will share those details once they’re available. The biggest change all users will immediately notice is a more modern design and user interface.

Will I have to completely change my daily work as a result of Go-Live #6?

With very few exceptions, new features in Go-Live #6 will not prevent anyone from using current workflows. However, our goal is that Go-Live #6 will enable our providers and staff to be more efficient in their daily use of Epic@UNC.

Why are we calling this a Go-Live? Isn’t it just an upgrade?

Our goal is for the changes coming July 22 to improve the experience of our providers, patients and staff. To that end, there are more than 1,300 improvements being implemented in Go-Live #6 that will impact almost all users in some way.

Will there be a system-wide PTO blackout?


Will in-class training be required for Go-Live #6?

At this time there are no plans for in-classroom training. We recommend everyone spend at least two hours in June/July preparing via meetings, WebEx sessions, viewing videos, reading Tip sheets, time in the Playground, etc.

When will I be able to preview Go-Live #6 features in the Epic@UNC Playground?

The Playground will be updated June 5 so that everyone will have six weeks to practice before Go-Live #6.

How should I prepare for Go-Live #6?

We recommend that all providers and employees plan to spend approximately two hours in June/July preparing for Go-Live#6 by attending WebEx sessions or watching short videos, practicing in the Playground, reviewing Tip Sheets and other training materials, attending Provider Engagement Centers (PECs), etc.

Additionally, we recommend that Go-Live #6 be a recurring topic on all meeting agendas in June/July to ensure everyone is prepared.

Will there be ‘at-the-elbow support’ hired to help us during Go-Live #6?

No. We do not plan to hire external consultants to provide support as we did at previous Go-Lives. We found that our own teams and Super Users provide the best help and support.

How will I receive support at the Go-Live?

We are asking each manager to identify Super Users across all shifts in their unit/clinic/office to help lead preparations for and then assist with support after Go-Live #6.

Additionally, there will be a central Command Center (likely at UNC Health Care’s Morrisville Campus) to help triage support resources as needed.

And as always, the ISD Service Desk will be available at 984-974-4357 (for urgent issues) and via Self-Service (for non-urgent issues).

What is expected of Super Users?

Super Users will serve as the ‘go-to’ people in their area to help assist their peers in preparing for Go-Live #6 and in answering questions and triaging issues after the Go-Live.

Should Super Users also be expected to perform their regular duties?

We recommend that Super Users have a lightened workload to ensure they can assist with preparations and support. However, we do not expect that Super Users would need to be completely removed from staffing in clinical areas.

How many Super Users should each unit/clinic have?

This decision is best left to each manager since they know their team and operational processes best. We do recommend that at least one person on each shift be identified as a Super User.

Will Super Users receive any sort of extra compensation?


Will Super Users receive vests to wear at Go-Live?


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