Go-Live #6 coming July 22: New features to improve your Epic@UNC experience

On July 22, 2017, all locations using Epic@UNC across UNC Health Care will see a number of Epic@UNC updates aimed at improving the experience and efficiency of our providers, staff, and patients.

The update, which we’re calling ‘Go-Live #6,’ includes an upgrade to the 2017 version of Epic’s software and a number of features being implementing based on user feedback and requests. In total, there are more than 1,300 improvements being implemented as part of Go-Live #6.

With very few exceptions, new features in Go-Live #6 will not prevent providers or staff from using current workflows.

What new features will be available at Go-Live #6?

  • The biggest change all users will immediately notice at Go-Live #6 is a more modern design and user interface. 
  • Additionally, teams in ISD and their respective operational workgroups (Clinical; Business & Revenue Cycle; Analytics, Reporting, Research, etc.) are finalizing which features will be included at Go-Live #6 and these details will be shared widely in the coming weeks.

Training for Go-Live #6

  • At this time, there are no plans for required classroom training for Go-Live #6. 
  • However, we recommend that everyone plan to spend at least two hours in June/July preparing for Go-Live #6 through a combination of practice in the Epic@UNC Playground, attendance at ‘road show’ presentations or WebEx sessions, or by reviewing training materials in the Epic@UNC Training Library. 
  • The Epic@UNC Playground will be updated on June 5, 2017, so that everyone will have six weeks to practice before Go-Live #6.

Go-Live #6 Super Users and Provider Champions

  • As with previous Go-Lives, we will look to Super Users and Provider Champions on our teams for leadership and support as we prepare for Go-Live #6. 
  • We do not plan to hire any vendors to provide At-the-Elbow support as we did at previous Go-Lives. However, we recommend that managers identify Super Users from their teams who can assist with preparation for Go-Live #6 and offer support immediately following the Go-Live. Super Users can remain in staffing, but we recommend that they have a lightened workload immediately following the Go-Live. 
  • We plan to reach out to managers in April 2017 for help in identifying Super Users for Go-Live #6. If you are interested in taking a leadership role as a Go-Live #6 Super User in your area, please talk to your manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s next?

  • Stay tuned for much more information as we approach Go-Live #6. And please submit any questions you have using this form.
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