Ambulatory Providers, Staff: Ensure patients checked-in and ‘Reason for Visit’ selected

Pre-charting, which allows ambulatory providers to get a head start on documentation for future visits, is one of the new features of the upgraded Epic@UNC. Providers can ‘pre-chart’ and then, if the patient ‘no-shows’ an appointment, the data is deleted within 30 days.

To ensure that no documentation is inappropriately deleted (and patient’s aren’t incorrectly identified as ‘no-showing’ appointments), ensure the following steps are completed for each appointment::

  • All patients should be checked-in. 
  • The provider should select a clinically-appropriate 'Reason for Visit.’

If these steps aren’t completed, then any documentation related to the patient’s appointment will be lost after 30 days and the patient will receive a ‘No-Show’ letter.

View details on Pre-Charting in this Tip Sheet.