Staff using 'Education' activity: Uncheck teaching points marked ‘N/A’ to activate the ‘Document’ button

Please note the following steps to ensure the ‘Document’ button is active in the ‘Education’ activity.

  • When one or more teaching points are marked ‘N/A’ within a specific education title in the ‘Education’ activity, and you then check the topic (example: Treatment Plan) or title (example: Stroke) in order to document all of the other points, the ‘Document’ button will not be active. You must uncheck the points marked ‘N/A’ in order to activate the Document button. 
  • An alternative workflow is to select each each teaching point individually and just ignore the points already marked ‘N/A.’ The Document button will then be active and can be used to complete documentation.
  • View a screenshot at this Intranet link.