UNC CLABSI Prevention Heroes

UNC Health Care providers and staff recognized for their work in preventing central line-associated blood stream infections.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, central line-Associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs) result in thousands of deaths each year and add billions of dollars in costs to the U.S. health care system. Reducing our number of CLABSIs remains one of UNC Medical Center’s top priorities. A hospital-wide, multidisciplinary workgroup has been meeting monthly since the spring of 2016 to guide CLABSI-related initiatives at UNC. Starting this spring, the group has also begun to recognize the outstanding work of UNC providers and staff dedicated to CLABSI reduction efforts through its awarding of CLABSI Prevention Heroes.

The first recipients of the award were the CNIVs of the Burn ICU, Rayna Gorisek, Loree Kimball, and Linda Long, who led a large, comprehensive quality improvement initiative to reduce CLABSIs on their unit. Nursing leaders in the Medical ICU, Janine Elefante (CNIII) and Mikey Jernigan (CNIV), were recognized the next month for their CLABSI reduction efforts including staff education, creation of instructional videos, and central line audits.

At its July meeting, the group honored the instructors and leaders of the central line insertion courses for interns, particularly some of the original leaders who have been most active in course instruction over the three years of the interdisciplinary program: Rebecca Brown (surgery), Jason Crowner (surgery), Ria Dancel (med/peds), Jo Grudziak (surgery), and Jay Lamba (medicine). Through the simulation-based courses, interns in anesthesia, emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, med/peds, neurology, neurosurgery, oral/max surgery, orthopaedics, surgery, and urology learn evidence-based practices for central line insertion including sterile technique, use of central line kits, ultrasound guidance, and placement of a central line on a simulator under instructor guidance. The courses will expand to include advanced practice providers and fellows in FY18, as well as an online component for faculty.

Other course leaders and instructors include Jake Acton, Harendra Arora, Amir Barzin, Candra Bass, Adam Belanger, Shell Brownstein, Catherine Coe, Russell Coletti, Savannah Crites, Liz Dreesen, Tyler Ellis, Kelly Evans, Karen Halpert, Jessica Hodnett, Jason Katz, James Krakowski, Priya Kumar, Bilal Lateef, Tony Mazzella, Kate McGinigle, Collyn Murray, Sarah Nickolich, Sonya Patel Nguyen, Karen Serrano, Evan Shelby, Emily Sturkie, Rosanne Tiller, Wes Wallace, and Nikki Waller.

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