Ambulatory Flu 'Best Practice Advisory' effective Sept. 1

The Epic@UNC ambulatory 'Best Practice Advisory' (BPA) for influenza began firing Sept. 1 for outpatients that are overdue for influenza health maintenance.

  • Flu vaccine is available to order in Epic@UNC as of Friday, Sept. 1. View details. 
  • The inpatient BPA for flu vaccines will not begin firing until later in September. We will share those details widely when confirmed.

View details and screenshots on the AMBULATORY Flu BPA in this Tip Sheet.

Health Maintenance

  • The ambulatory BPA for influenza began firing Sept. 1 for patients “Overdue” for influenza health maintenance
  • Children 6 months - 8 years old who have not received a vaccine before will require 2 doses of influenza vaccine administered at least four weeks apart before their health maintenance is satisfied.


  • When the ambulatory BPA fires, the user should place the order through the 'Meds & Orders' activity

New Features

  • The patient can self-report receiving their Influenza vaccine in My UNC Chart from either their To-Do list on the homepage or through the 'Preventative Care' section.
  • These satisfy health maintenance when documented by the patient, and appear with the patient reported symbol.
  • Influenza vaccines received from Care Everywhere facilities will also complete health maintenance, with the CE symbol.
  • Neither Patient reported or Care everywhere vaccines will require reconciliation. Both will automatically complete Health maintenance and suppress the ambulatory BPA.
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