Diet order updates at UNC Medical Center, Chatham Hospital, High Point Regional

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 28, the Epic@UNC diet order drop-down list for UNC Medical Center (including Hillsborough Hospital), High Point Regional Health, and Chatham Hospital will have a new look and functionality.

The updates include:

  • Similar diet orders will be grouped together.
  • Two new modifier classifications have been added to the order screen:
    • Electrolytes 
    • Other
  • A limited multi-select functionality will be permitted between modifiers. 
  • Two diet orders have a name change to be consistent with diet order nomenclature: 
    • ‘Neutropenic Diet’ will be renamed to ‘Immunosuppressed Diet’ 
    • ‘Post-Surgical Diet’ will be renamed to ‘GI Soft Diet.’ 
    • Impact on Personal Preference Lists: The appropriate diet order sets will be updated with the new names, but if you use either ‘Neutropenic Diet’ or ‘Post-Surgical Diet’ on your personalized Preference List, you must delete the diets on Feb. 28 and add the new names back to your personal Preference List.