Pilot of Epic@UNC integration with NC Immunization Registry to result in three changes to Immunization Documentation

Beginning Jan. 10, 2017, UNC Health Care will start integrating immunizations documented in Epic@UNC from a pilot clinic (Highgate) with the North Carolina Immunization Registry (NCIR). All ambulatory providers and clinical staff will notice three changes as we introduce this pilot.

  1. Within the ‘Administered Immunization’ screen, the new immunization “expires” field will be a required field.  
  2. The “site” values will be updated to: Left Thigh, Left Arm, Left Deltoid, Left Gluteus Medius, Left Vastus Lateralis, Left Lower Forearm, Right Arm, Right Thigh, Right Vastus Lateralis, Right Gluteus Medius, Right Deltoid, Right Lower Forearm, Bilateral Nares, Left Nares, and Right Nares.  
  3. Within the Deferred Immunization screen, when an immunization is deferred, the “Reason” has been updated to Parental Refusal, Religious Exemption, and Other – Place order for no vaccine given “NO VACCINE GIVEN.”

These changes were vetted and approved by UNC Health Care’s Ambulatory and Clinical Care Management workgroups. Thank you for your support as we take this first step to get all of our pediatric clinics integrated with the North Carolina Immunization Registry.

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