Ambulatory Providers: Steps to prevent error when attesting to clinic notes

Please review the steps needed to prevent an error some ambulatory providers are receiving when trying to attest to clinic notes.

  1. From the 'CC’d charts' Inbasket folder, the provider should highlight the chart that needs to be Attested, then click on “Attest Note”. The Attestation List will then appear.
  2. Right Click on the Attestation List to display the selections.
  3. Once a selection is made, the note will appear. 
  4. The provider should then click “Sign.
  5. Once signed, an error message appears.
  6. At this point, the Note has been Attested and will appear in Chart Review. Click on the “Continue” button. Once clicked, the chart will appear as “Done” in the Providers InBasket.

See screenshots of the steps above at this Intranet link.