Infor XM Updates and Reminders

Infor XM, the platform employees use for travel and business expense reimbursement, will have a new icon effective July 30. Please follow this link to see a comparison of the old and new icons, as well as information about the most efficient way to input mileage and an Infor XM LMS module that will soon be available.

New Infor XM Icon is coming July 30

Please note that the Infor XM icon that is used for employee travel and business expense reimbursement will change on July 30 in an effort to make the Infor XM module easier to find on the Citrix “Applications” screen.  
Current Icon                                       Effective July 30th  
Infor XM Old                                      Infor XM New
                                                            (Note: the black background is not part of the icon)

Mileage Submitted via Infor XM

In order to make things more efficient for all involved, please do not submit more than one expense report for mileage and minor reimbursement. Rather than submitting travel reports requesting reimbursement for one trip each day, please accumulate your mileage and minor reimbursements on a travel report and do not submit more than one expense report per week for similar items.  For example, if you have business travel each day of the work week you should input and accumulate these until the end of the week and submit one report instead of submitting a separate report each day.  

Coming Soon: Infor XM Training via LMS

The Travel Office has partnered with Learning and Organizational Development to create an LMS training module that will be available for new users and as a reference for existing users.  This module is currently in the testing phase but will be available in the near future. Stay tuned!

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