Telemetry Order change effective June 13

Beginning Tuesday, June 13, the ‘Remote Tech Telemetry Monitoring’ order (NUR199) will have new fields based on AHA guidelines. The indications for the order will now be required along with matching duration options. This new functionality will limit the duration to three options: continuous, 24-hours, and 48-hours.

This change impacts all entities using Epic@UNC except Chatham (which does not use this order).

See this Tip Sheet for details and note the following key changes:

  1. Process instructions will be added.
  2. Indications for the order are now required.
  3. The Duration options are revised to match the Indications. NOTE: if you change the ‘Telemetry Indication’ option from a 24-hour to a 48-hour indication, or vice-versa, BE SURE to change the duration field appropriately!
  4. At 24 hrs. from expiring, the order will display in the ‘Expiring Orders’ section of ‘Active’ orders. You also can use Rounding Reports found on Patient Lists and CAPP Meeting Patient Lists to determine if the Remote Tech Telemetry Monitoring order is about to expire.
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