New Ransomware Threat – Actions required of all users

You may have heard of a new ransomware threat called ‘petya’ that is infecting computer networks around the world via Microsoft Office documents either attached to email messages or stored on web sites/servers for unsuspecting users to download. ISD needs all UNC Health Care employees and providers to take the following actions to prevent this ransomware virus from reaching our network.

  1. Be extremely cautious using email:
  • Do not open any files or click on any links that you receive from an unknown sender. 
  • Inspect email messages closely. They can appear quite legitimate; be skeptical. 
  • If you think you received a phishing email, attach it to a new email message and send it to
  • Do not go to web sites and download files without a specific business need to do so: 
    • Be wary of going to an Internet service/site for the first time and downloading files. 
  • Please help ISD by allowing Windows updates to run on your PC when prompted.
    Also, make sure that you always leave your PC powered-on when you leave work so that updates can be pushed to your machine remotely as needed.

  • Do not access personal email systems (AOL, Yahoo, Gmail,, etc.) from one of our computers or while on our network: 
    • These systems do not have the same stringent email filtering that we have in place.

    If you have Microsoft Office running on home computers, make sure you have Windows Update set to automatically install updates – this can be enabled by opening the Windows control panel. And be sure to reboot your home computer for the updates to apply.

    Thanks in advance for your help, and please contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 or via MySupport@UNC if you have any questions/issues.

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