2017-2018 IHQI Improvement Scholars Announced

The UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement (IHQI) is pleased to announce six projects will be supported in the fourth year of IHQI's Improvement Scholars Program (formerly IHQI Seed Grant Program).

Twenty-two proposals from UNC Hospitals, UNC Physicians Network, and UNC Faculty Physicians were considered during a rigorous review process.

The purpose of IHQI’s Improvement Scholars Program is to support projects that:

  • mentor physicians to lead health care improvement
  • result in sustainable and meaningful improvement in patient care 
  • align with UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine goals 
  • increase improvement capacity

The projects are:

COPD Disease Management and Diagnostic Spirometry
UNC Physicians Network & UNC Faculty Physicians Practices
Leads: Amy Shaheen, MD, Shane Hemphill, MD, & Jen Martini, MD

Post-Operative Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Reduction
UNC Hospitals
Lead: Jamison Chang, MD, MS & Carlton Moore, MD, MS

LGBT Patient Care
UNC Children’s Primary Care Clinic
Leads: Emily Vander Schaaf, MD, MPH & Tyler McKinnish MS-4

Reducing Readmissions for Geriatric Patients
UNC Hospitals-Hillsborough Campus
Lead: Maureen Dale, MD

Discharge of Medically-complex Pediatric Patients
UNC Children’s Hospital
Lead: Katie Westreich, MD

Reducing Readmissions
UNC Medical Center
Leads: Kamal Henderson, MD and Escher Howard-Williams, MD

The UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement’s mission is to catalyze healthcare improvement, spread, and culture change by engaging providers in improvement projects, training, and research.

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