Healthwise update Tuesday, March 21

On the morning of Tuesday, March 21, there will be an upgrade to our Healthwise patient instructions found through the Clinical References (or References) link in the Epic@UNC chart. This upgrade includes new patient instructions, vaccine information statements, patient instructions with medical revisions, patient instructions with title changes and replacements, and patient instruction enhancements.

Brand new with this upgrade are ‘Anatomy’ sketches. These are full-page, black-and-white visual aids developed to bridge client-clinician communication at the point of care. They are broad enough to be applicable to multiple conditions and have plenty of white space, making it easy to draw over and add patient-specific notes.  Simple search ‘anatomy’ to see the entire list available.

The upgraded content will be available the morning of Tuesday, March 21. This upgrade does not require a downtime. Please read this document for details.

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