New image viewer for Cardiology Images in Epic@UNC

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, the image hyperlinks in Epic@UNC for new cardiology studies at UNC Medical Center, UNC REX Healthcare, Caldwell Memorial Hospital, Chatham Hospital, Johnston Health, and Pardee Hospital will transition from SynapseCV to UNC Health Care’s new viewer, called NIL.

  • The NIL viewer will open the selected study from SynapseCV, and will also indicate other available images for that patient based on the Epic@UNC medical record number (MRN) from the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and other PACS systems across UNC Health Care.
  • A NIL Quick tips guide is available at this Intranet link
  • The NIL viewer is being rolled out in conjunction with the vendor neutral archive (VNA) project at UNC Health Care.