OWASA will be disinfecting their water supply with chlorine in March

During the month of March, OWASA will use chlorine instead of chloramines to disinfect our drinking water.

Chloramines are a compound of chlorine and ammonia which OWASA has used since 2002 for disinfection in months other than March. Disinfection with chloramines has improved the overall quality of OWASA's water and its taste and odor.

However, chlorine is a slightly stronger disinfectant. OWASA therefore uses chlorine for disinfection one month per year to ensure a high level of disinfection in the water system in accord with recommendations from the NC Department of Environmental Quality.

Several other utilities in our region, including the City of Durham and the Towns of Cary and Hillsborough, also treat drinking water with chlorine only for one month per year.

Water disinfected with chlorine is safe to drink.

Have questions? Contact Plant Engineering at work.control@unchealth.unc.edu