New version of General Consent for Treatment

Effective May 18, 2017, a new version of the General Consent for Treatment (GCT) for all UNC Health Care system entities and affiliates will replace all previous versions. All hard copies of the previous version should be shredded and replaced with the current version on May 18, 2017.

This new version should be implemented across the UNC Health Care system, regardless if the entity is currently using Epic@UNC or not. Those entities on Epic@UNC will see the changes reflected in the eSignature documents in the Document List. 

The General Consent for Treatment (GCT) now includes language to ensure compliance with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act with regard to non-discrimination. Included in this new exhibit on the GCT is also information relating to contacts for grievances and interpretive services for each entity.

New pdf versions of the documents can be found at this intranet site:

*Note: You may need to log in through UNC Citrix to access this intranet site*

For those who are not able to access the intranet site, copies of the new documents were emailed to operational leaders as well.  Questions regarding use of the form or obtaining the pdf versions should first be directed to the respective operational manager/director and may be subsequently directed to Garrett Byler at

Additionally, the following guidelines for administering point of service forms should be followed at all points of registration:

  • Each form should be reviewed thoroughly with each patient to ensure they have an understanding and the ability to ask questions
  • Laminated copies of all eSignature forms should be kept at each registration desk and must be made available to the patient as they are completing the eSignature documents
  • Each patient should be offered copies of their signed documents
  • Outpatient GTCs must be completed on an annual basis.  ED, inpatient, surgical and psych GCTs must be signed and opt outs completed at each encounter
  • For all outpatient visits, each registrar should confirm that the patient’s current opt out status in the ADT system matches that of their outpatient GCT.  Epic@UNC stores the most recent opt out selections and the patient may have had an ED, inpatient or surgical visit previously in which they made different selections
  • Hard copies of forms that are not completed via eSignature should be scanned into the ADT system