Wireless site survey

ISD will be conducting a wireless site survey throughout the UNC Medical Center through June 30.

The purpose of the wireless site survey is to update the UNC Health Care wireless network infrastructure with new equipment and with a design that will refresh the access point locations based on new equipment and construction and that will add updated wireless capabilities for network services at the UNC Medical Center. 

Six wireless Survey teams are conducting the survey through June 30.  The survey crews will be operating on first and second shift rotations.  Special schedules can be created to accommodate staff and patients in OR areas and other sensitive areas. These should be coordinated through Peter Heiman, who can be reached at pheiman@nwnit.com

Ideally, the site survey team will be fairly innocuous on site.  Please expect two engineers, one engineer with a laptop on a cart and second engineer moving a wireless access point around on a small 18” x 18” wheeled stand.  ISD expects the survey teams to move through each floor area contiguously to create a thorough design.

The Network Wireless site surveys are the foundation for the wireless designs and the wireless refresh so ISD is  very happy it can conduct a wireless survey at the Medical Center.  The end goal is to ensure all of the hospital areas are considered for thorough wireless coverage and that  roaming will work ubiquitously and seamlessly to support Voice over Wi-Fi with the small Vocera, Apple, and Rover applications and devices. 

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