New Reminder Letter Will Appear When Patients are Referred without a Department

Referral orders with no ‘referred to’ department for inpatients or patients in the emergency rooms cannot be routed for scheduling. Beginning Nov. 15, 2017, a new “close the loop” letter will remind ordering providers in these settings to include a specific referred to department in their referral order. This measure was put in place in order to reduce lost referrals and ensure that patients have timely access to our providers.

  • For existing orders without a referred to department listed, ordering physicians will need to cancel  these orders and create a new order with department to enable routing the referral for scheduling. 
  • For new referral orders, the physician will need to enter the department the patient is being referred to. If this is missing, the physician will receive a “close the loop” letter notifying them to cancel the existing order and create a new order with a receiving department so that the referral can be routed and scheduled.

Please note: the letter will appear in the “Referral Letter Review” in-basket. A tip sheet can be found here.