Patient Safety Culture Survey extended until Dec. 1

Do you have direct patient care responsibilities? Does your work take you into direct patient care areas? If so, we need to hear from you by Dec. 1!

UNC Medical Center staff and faculty with direct patient care responsibility (inpatient and outpatient settings) or those whose work takes them to direct patient care areas are invited to participate in the Patient Safety Culture Survey, which is now open through Nov. 26. There are two versions of the survey. Please choose the one that is most appropriate to your area of service:

Participation in the survey is a valuable way to raise awareness about patient safety, assess the current patient safety culture, and identify both strengths and areas needing support. In addition to gathering data on the overall patient safety culture, this year’s survey also includes questions relating to staff resilience, employee perception of workplace safety, and the extent to which staff feel supported after an adverse patient event.

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