13 days left: All employees must be flu compliant by Dec. 4

As of Nov. 20, 2017 only 80% of UNC Health Care employees are compliant with annual influenza vaccination requirements. The deadline for flu compliance is Dec. 4, 2017. You must have received a flu vaccine or provide documentation of flu vaccine by the end of the business day (OHS closes at 4 p.m.).

  • Documentation of Influenza Vaccination:
    • If you have been administered your flu vaccine by a third party and not at OHS clinic (e.g., CVS, Walmart, your provider, non-OHS provider at off-campus location, your clinic manager who does not record administration of vaccine into a mobile flu scanner), then you need to complete an online self-report or attestation form at this link: all flu documentation -- must be completed by Dec. 4, 2017.
    • If you are a School of Medicine credentialed employee, visit http://flu.unc.edu to self-report your influenza vaccination.
  • Flu compliance reports are distributed weekly to all VPs. If you are informed that you are non-compliant with flu vaccine, please come to OHS or call us for assistance at 984-974-4480.
  • Health care personnel who are on leave from UNC, for example, FMLA, Maternity, short term leave, long term leave, working abroad on hospital related business and so forth, must inform HR so that this information is updated in the HRx system.
    • Employees who are out on leave are expected to get flu vaccine when they return to work (if their return is during the Influenza season).
    • Managers/supervisors are encouraged to notify HRDM Records (984-974-1050) if an employee is on a leave of absence, even if the employee is exhausting leave. This ensures that the employee’s true work status is reflected in the HRx system.

Thank you.

Occupational Health Service (OHS)


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