CPM Upgrade: Please convert all care plans and education titles

Beginning Nov. 19, please convert all care plans and education titles to the new Spring 2017 version for patients admitted prior to the Nov. 5 downtime.

  1. Resolve each care plan (except the restraint care plans) using the resolved for upgrade goal outcome option.
  2. Resolve each education title (except the restraint and First-Dose education titles) using the resolved for upgrade option.
  3. In the Care Plan activity, apply the Patient Care Overview template. Apply each of the individual plans of care that were previously on the chart, as well as any new ones that need to be applied. Use the lists on page 1 of the CPM Upgrade Guide to identify new care plans, retired care plans, and those with name changes.
  4. In the Education activity, check to see that an education title exists for each active care plan. Add independent education titles as needed.
  5. Access the Patient Care Overview – Plan of Care Review goal and write a note explaining why the care plans were resolved and reapplied (see directions in pg. 4 of the CPM Upgrade Guide.)

Refer to the CPM Upgrade Guide for full details. 

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