Hydromorphone 1 mg/mL; 1 mL syringes and ampules in critically short supply

We will be out within one week if use continues at our usual rate.

  • Please move patients receiving intermittent doses of hydromorphone using these 1 mg syringes immediately to alternative agents.
  • The best option if feasible is an oral agent (hydromorphone or morphine), since we have also have continuing supply issues with IV morphine.    
  • If an IV agent is needed, then either IV morphine or possibly IV fentanyl.  
  • Please only use IV hydromorphone in intermittent doses if the patient does not tolerate or does not achieve adequate relief with these alternatives.

This does not impact PCA or continuous infusion of hydromorphone. The PCA cassettes and IV bags are available.

We also carry a hydromorphone 4 mg/mL: 1 mL syringe. However, we only have enough to continue normal use. Our use of this strength is much lower (25x less) than the 1 mg syringes. If patients who need lower doses are converted to the hydromorphone 4 mg syringe, the supply we have will be exhausted in a few days. 

Previously you received messages to conserve IV morphine syringes – the situation has flipped and now IV hydromorphone is in the worst shape supply-wise. Please reach out to Maryann Ortel with any questions or concerns.

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