S11 Permit Holders - UNC Basketball Game Day Parking

The first Men's Basketball Home Game will be on Oct. 27 and with that comes the need for available parking spaces in the S11 Lot. If you are an S11 permit holder (Annual or Expiring), please note the dates scheduled for UNC home basketball games.

If you are unable to move your vehicle from the S11 lots before 5 p.m., please stop by the Parking Office to obtain a game day parking permit for the Craige deck.  

  • You must display both your S11 Permit as well as your Game Day Permit. Vehicles not displaying both permits are at risk for citation and/or towing. Entrance to the Craige ( CD ) Deck is available to Game Day Permit holders at the side and rear entrances on those game days.
  • Access to the Craige deck will not be available to S11 permit holders at the Manning Level entrance.  Craige ( CD ) Deck Permit holders with a programmed gate access card can continue to use this entrance. 
  • Parking Coordinators and Managers are encouraged to submit a list of employees (S11 permit holders) in need of Game Day permits to the parking office and Game Day permits can be assigned accordingly.
  • The UNC Basketball home schedule is printed on back of the Game Day Permits.  Complete 2017/2018 UNC Basketball Schedule - UNC Basketball Schedule - Click Here
  • There is no charge for Game Day Permits.

Space is limited in the Craige ( CD ) Deck so it is requested that only S11 permit holders that are required to work beyond 5 p.m. on home basketball game days obtain a Game Day Permit. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything additional that we may assist you with.